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Genuine Contact™ Program

At creative Knowing consultancy, we embrace the frameworks, philosophy and methodologies of the Genuine Contact Program in most of our work whether it is with organizations, teams or individuals. Developed by Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams, Genuine Contact is a holistic approach to organizational success. The Genuine Contact approach extends well beyond its methodologies as a way of working to include a philosophical framework that touches how we build our relationships with our clients, design our services and approach and deliver our work each day.

We find great alignment between our core values at creative Knowing consultancy and the Genuine Contact Program, therefore, embracing it as our core operating system was a simple decision. As a member of the Genuine Contact Professionals community and co-owner of the Program, our President, Emily Page is also a co-creator of the ongoing evolution of the Genuine Contact Program.

We find that working with Genuine Contact as our foundation and approach adds significant value to our work and the impact we can have with our clients. We invite you to learn more about the core methodologies of the Genuine Contact Program:

For more information, visit the international Genuine Contact Program community website at



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