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creative Knowing consultancy offers training experiences to support the development of individuals, team and organizations. Most of our training is custom designed to support our clients’ learning goals. We do, however, offer some open enrollment workshops periodically. Additionally, all of our workshop offerings can be offered “in-house” to your organization.

To find out more about creative Knowing workshops and training offerings, see:

  • Leadership Development
    • Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers
    • Enhanced Communication Through Effective Feedback
    • Maintaining Flexibility and Resilience in the Face of Constant Change
    • Leading From Wherever You Are
  • Leveraging Diversity and Leading a Diverse Organization
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
    • Collaborating with Courage
  • Life Transformation & Personal Mastery
    • Living a Self-Full ä Life
  • Genuine Contact Program Training
    • Path to Organizational Health & Balance
    • Achieving Organizational Health & Balance
    • Whole Person Process Facilitation
    • Working with Open Space Technology
    • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
    • Individual Health & Balance
    • Customized Training

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