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The Conscious Open Space Organization (COSO) is an organization that is highly successful in getting its work done, maintaining high staff morale, fulfilling its purpose, achieving its vision, and creating emergent conditions and actions for new visions and their achievement. The COSO gets its business done in an effective and efficient way, achieving maximum benefit from the intellectual and intuitive knowledge of the individuals involved and of the collective. No two COSO's look alike. There is no model to follow to develop as a COSO because all organizations are organic and cannot fit into someone else's template.

There are key focal points that are attended to in the development of a COSO, including:

  • a holistic framework to operate within
  • principled leadership
  • a different way of managing.

A variety of tools and techniques are used to support the creation and sustainment of a COSO. Participatory meeting methodologies such as Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search and World Café as well as learning support such as Holistic Leadership Development, and other technological resources like the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference System for conducting on-line Open Space Technology meetings are all methods that can the “structure” of a COSO. A comprehensive, blended approach of processes, tools, resources and methodologies within a holistic framework enables a COSO organization to choose what is right for it in every situation, relying on skills, knowledge and capacity developed "in-house" and leading its own ongoing change from within.

All people within a COSO have the opportunity to achieve mastery of their work, both their regular tasks and in their individual and collective performance challenges. This mastery includes accessing intellectual and intuitive knowledge and the wisdom for applying it. The people within a COSO experience an environment that supports their individual health and balance, resulting in less sick time off and better employee retention.

The COSO is an organization that is alive, aware and chooses to nurture and strengthen its life for optimal performance. It allows the creation of the space needed for optimal accessing of its potential, possibilities, creativity, innovations, imagination, inspiration, insights, solutions, resolution, commitment, and focused action. It works from its strengths. It identifies and removes barriers. It sustains health and balance for the benefit of the organization and the people within it. If you have ever participated in an Open Space Technology meeting, it is easier to imagine the COSO because it mirrors the same high performance that is experienced during an Open Space Technology meeting, but on a daily basis rather than just at an event.

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