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Our organizational clients include corporations, government entities, healthcare organizations, boards, entrepreneurial companies, professional associations, communities and non-profit entities. We also work with individuals – both those that are responsible for leading others as well as those that are seeking to claim more leadership for their own life. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs and personalities of each of our clients.

We marvel in working with insightful and inspired leaders that know that their most precious and irreplaceable resources are their people. These leaders know that, through inspired people, targeted results can easily be achieved.

If you know that even greater and often unimaginable potential can be tapped when people are engaged and contributing their whole selves to their work and toward achieving a common vision, then we want you as a client. We work with leaders that demonstrate the courage to be themselves, to trust in their wisdom and in that of their people.

Our favorite leaders want to reach goals and success in a way that encourages health, balance and growth, not only for the organization, but also for those who carry out its mission by contributing their skills, ideas, expertise, knowledge, hearts, wisdom, creativity and spirits by working there. The leaders we work with seek to build life-nurturing environments within your organizations. These leaders trust that by doing so, you can not only achieve results, but also build capacity for flexibility and resilience for change and sustaining peak performance over time.

We also love coaching individuals that are eager to lead their own lives rather than simply watching life happen to them. Our individual coaching clients may or may not have responsibility for leading others. Our favorite coaching clients are those that have courage enough to believe in themselves and in their right to joy and fulfillment in their lives – at work, at home, at play, in all aspects! Our clients are willing to learn about themselves and to examine how they can make changes in order to bring about the type of life they desire.

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