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Meeting Facilitation & Design

At creative Knowing consultancy, we design highly effective meetings during which goals are accomplished and resulting plans are sustainable after the meeting ends. Whether a meeting is for a small group or it is a large-scale meeting that will include thousands of people, we can design and facilitate an agenda to achieve your goals.

We match our recommended meeting methodology with the needs of each client. The majority of our meetings are facilitated using either Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) or Open Space Technology as the framework depending on the goals. For meetings using the WPPF framework, we utilize a number of tools and processes in our meeting designs depending on the specific goals that need to be reached.

Examples of some of the meetings we design and facilitate are:

  • Team launches and team development
  • New product or process ideation and development
  • Opportunity exploration
  • Project launches
  • Retreats for staffs, board, teams, other groups
  • Problem resolution
  • Community involvement, planning and engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Whole system engagement
  • Customer engagement

These are only a few examples of how we can add value through meeting design and facilitation. Whatever your specific meeting goals are, we guarantee that we can help you reach them by creating meeting environments in which communication flows and learning takes place.

Since effective meetings are the result of great planning, we require active involvement from our meeting sponsor in the planning process. Our method for planning is often viewed by our clients as being an extremely useful process that helps them to uncover issues and discover opportunities that may be very significant to their organization even outside of the scope of their meeting topic.

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