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Whole Person Process Facilitation

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Whole Person Process Facilitation creates environments that produce desired results by tapping into the creativity and collective genius of the people in your organization.

What is Whole Person Process Facilitation?

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) is a group process methodology that can be used to create highly effective meetings and to enhance the quality of everyday organizational and team interactions. It is a process that can be used by leaders and other facilitators of change to:

  • accelerate the speed of transformation
  • stimulate higher productivity and
  • expedite the achievement of collective goals.

Why Does WPPF Work So Well?

Meetings of any kind, even day-to-day interactions are useful only if learning takes place. WPPF is unique in its ability to create learning environments that minimize the barriers to communication and facilitate productive work in groups. Many who experience WPPF say it is like "magic" because it eases the flow of extraordinary communication, real solutions to problems and imaginative idea generation.

WPPF is useful because it is simple, has a good track record and has transferable aspects that can be applied to day-to-day work interactions. When WPPF is used,

  • learning is enhanced
  • latent potential is awakened and inspired
  • less time is required to get things done in groups because time is used more effectively and
  • collective goals and desired results are achieved, usually well beyond expectations.

There are many methodological aspects of good group process facilitation. However, WPPF attends, not only to the usual aspects of facilitation; it goes well beyond these to ensure careful attention to the “unseen” elements of effective working relationships including:

  • Energy exchange and management
  • The impact of unconscious enablers and barriers to genuine connection and communication
  • Learning styles
  • Many others aspects that are not included in most facilitation methods.

In addition, WPPF embraces the unseen elements of intuitive knowledge including the collective conscious, as assets that are as valuable to an organization or any group as intellectual knowledge.

In using Whole Person Process Facilitation, the components that are attended to include:

  1. Creating an accepting rather than defensive climate. This is accomplished in a number of ways - the placement of chairs in a circle with no tables, the role of food and décor, paying conscious attention to energy, attitude and responses. There is acute consciousness of the implications of the actions and behaviors of the facilitator.
  2. Meaningful Introductions. These create the difference between authenticity and icebreakers.
  3. Hopes and fears are used as a way of identifying objectives.
  4. Right placement of your statement of objectives for your meeting/teaching session.
  5. The various adult learning styles are attended to in order to keep all engaged.
  6. Right Brain + Left Brain + integration of the two = whole brain learning and problem solving.
  7. Intuition is welcomed and wisdom is acknowledged and honored.
  8. Transfer-in and bridging exercises are utilized to enable participants to be “present.”
  9. Varying the interaction with the facilitator - in front of group, with group, apart from group.
  10. Maximizing energy of the group by using individual reflection, small group and whole group work as appropriate to keep energy high.
  11. Timing. There is a balance of moving through the agenda and allowing things to flow as they need to in order to achieve what the group needs to achieve.
  12. Attending to the energy of the facilitator and taking self-care to stay “whole” for the group.
  13. Working beyond the information that is provided by the five senses and intellectual knowledge.
  14. Feedback is tied into hopes and fears that were shared for the meeting. Evaluation is therefore useful and also a part of the ongoing learning experience.

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