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Individual Health and Balance

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" You must be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Gandhi

Change comes from within. In order for an organization to change, the desired change must come from within the organization. However, an organization is made up of a collective of individuals. Therefore, the only way for the organizational change to happen is for the individuals within it to change. For the individuals to change, the motivation and will to do so must come from within each of them.

The change leaders within groups, teams and organizations are deeply affected by assisting the collective whole with change processes. The individual leader needs to build a solid personal foundation for optimal personal health and balance. Without a solid personal foundation, the leader can be drained by the requirements of leading others.

Because the change leader must maintain the capacity to assist with the needs of the organization, you must first attain and maintain optimal personal health and balance. Additionally, the leader must develop the accompanying self awareness of your state of well being at all times so that you can be effective in your mentoring role for the organization that is learning to achieve health and balance and to access its own wisdom and drive its change from within.

Individual Health and Balance encompasses attending to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. The medicine wheel is used as a framework to explore individual health and balance and to make personal commitments for improvement. A focus of Individual Health and Balance is to strengthen self empowerment and self love and to learn to manage personal energy so that there are no energy leakages. Learning to stop energy leakages requires an increased consciousness about energy - about the unseen world. Learning about energy and how it can be focused and used to attain optimal results is a key part of achieving Individual Health & Balance.

In learning to achieve Individual Health and Balance, you explore the state of your health and how to maintain a state of optimal health even in highly stressful situations. You explore your state of your personal health and balance in relationship to the state of health and balance of the organization in which you lead.

Achieving Individual Health and Balance can equip you with:

  • A practical holistic framework for examining personal health and balance
  • A practical, holistic framework for achieving and maintaining long-term personal health
  • Expanded understanding of how beliefs can either support or sabotage success and how to change beliefs to ones that help you to achieve success.
  • Knowledge of how to increase your personal capacity to work within complex and energy draining situations by learning to attend to your personal energy maintenance and eliminating your energy leakages
  • An understanding of the importance of relationships, based on genuine contact, to achieve results beyond your expectations
  • An understanding of the relationship between your personal, inner change and the inner change you are seeking to create within the organization
  • An understanding of the necessity of change beginning in the individual in order for it to succeed throughout the organization.

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