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Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

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The one constant in life is change. Hand in hand with change is the certainty of conflict. Conflict uses up individual, group and organizational energy, taking this energy away from constructive and productive relationships and work.

With the right conditions, a great deal of conflict can be solved without any need for a conflict resolution meeting. Sometimes love is the only key ingredient that is required to break through the conflict. At other times, bigger and more important issues arise and minimize the focus on the conflict. Yet still, at other times a common task or goal is found and, while working through the common task, the conflict disappears. However, there are also situations of conflict that benefit from a conflict resolution meeting.

There are many forms of meetings for working with conflict, including mediation and negotiation. Sometimes these work to solve conflict, and other times they work towards an agreement or a compromise but the conflict itself remains quite alive, often under the surface, only to erupt again later.

The Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution meeting format was designed to create the conditions for the people involved to really solve their conflict. The philosophy that deep within all people are some things that are universally the same was embraced in the development of this process.

People engaged in conflict are usually fixed in one perspective. They rarely ask each other genuine questions. They also tend to lose contact with their whole selves, rendering a part of themselves voiceless. From this position, they are unable to participate fully and effectively in efforts to resolve the conflict and recognize the needs they have in common.

Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution is a practical, holistic meeting process for working through conflict. Before the meeting, it is beneficial to work with each of the involved individuals’ personal and perhaps fixed perspectives, thereby giving each a listener to hear their voice and a witness to their “the truths”. Within the meeting, the universal commonality amongst the participants is identified and worked with as a foundation for problem resolution. As part of the Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution process, participants receive individual preparation so that when everyone comes together in the meeting, they are in a more receptive state, ready to listen to each other and prepared to seek solutions.

The Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution meeting creates the conditions for people to truly communicate - to speak and to listen to each other. Participants then move on to do creative problem solving together. Finding the solution to conflict is really about creative problem solving. Once a solution is agreed upon, agreements are signed that include contingency plans.

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