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Organizational Effectiveness

Many organizations are reaching goals but their way of operating is draining their people. This drain may be putting more organizations at risk than their leaders even realize. Sustainability of results is at risk when an organization’s people are working under constant stress, in continuous conflict, in environments of distrust and demoralization and when they are being over-stretched consistently to meet higher and higher demands.

Organizations that are operating ineffectively and that have not experienced sustained success in changing are probably trying to fix problems either 1) at the surface level with efforts such as behavioral and skill training or 2) at the structural level with re-organization and redesign. Most issues of ineffectiveness stem from a more systemic level of organizational existence – the operation system on which it runs.

If the operating system or foundation that your organization functions from is unhealthy and unbalanced, then your organization will be dysfunctional and ineffective, no matter how many training, team building, communication or reorganization efforts it undertakes.

Health and balance in your organization’s fundamental operating system is the key to optimal and sustainable organizational effectiveness over time. At creative Knowing, we believe that a false paradigm for work has been embraced for far too long. It is possible for joy, trust, fun, balance and hard work to exist together.

Your organization will increase its effectiveness by discovering its unique path to health and balance and by learning what fosters creative spirit, collaboration and joy while still meeting financial and operational goals.

We lead our clients through self-diagnosis and self-prescription for a return to health and balance in the organization and how it operates. We offer reusable tools and processes that can help any organization determine its own, unique path to renewal, increased effectiveness and expanded capacity to achieve its goals.

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