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We periodically form and lead coaching groups comprised of individuals with complementary goals. The collective energy of coaching groups enables participants to learn from others’ experiences while gaining insight and support for overcoming their personal obstacles and reaching their personal goals. Coaching groups are carefully designed to ensure that participants have complementary goals and that all involved will have the greatest opportunity to learn from one another.

creative Knowing coaching groups are often formed to enable our leadership coaching clients to interact with other leaders and learn from the experiences of their peers as well as an executive coach in a safe learning environment. Our leadership coaching groups provide a tremendous learning experience for participants who cannot commit to multi-day leadership training yet desire to improve their leadership skills, knowledge and performance.

Coaching groups can also be led upon request if a group would like to work together to support one another in achieving individual goals while having the benefit of an experienced coach to facilitate, provide structure, tools, processes and suggestions. Also, we form Self Full Life™ coaching groups based upon interest.

Contact us to inquire about upcoming coaching groups or to request the development of your own group.

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