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Emily Page

Emily Page is President of creative Knowing consultancy. Emily is passionate about helping people learn and grow through transformation in order to reach their extraordinary potential. She is committed to developing leaders at all levels of organizations and to cultivating learning organizations. Emily leads her clients using holistic approaches that inspire health and balance and lead to organizational transformation, leadership development, team development, business success and life fulfillment.

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Education and Professional Development

Emily earned her MBA from Duke University in Marketing and Organizational Behavior and her BBA from Howard University in Accounting. She trained as an Executive Coach with The Center for Creative Leadership and The Coaches Training Institute. She served on the adjunct staffs of the Center for Creative Leadership and Duke Corporate Education for many years.

Emily's professional training includes adult education curriculum design and facilitation. Emily is trained in numerous methodologies for organizational change and transformation including Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, Achieving Organizational Health and Balance, Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution and developing Conscious Open Space Organizations. She is an authorized trainer in the Genuine Contact™ processes for change and a co-owner of the Genuine Contact™ Program. She is trained in the Psych-K process for transformation and she is certified in the use of several 360-feedback tools, personal assessments and simulations. Emily is highly experienced in diversity education and diversity strategy development. She is a certified mediator, a seasoned trainer and a motivational speaker. In addition to her professional experience, Emily cultivates her leadership through active involvement in her community, serving on a number of boards and in several volunteer roles.

Professional Experience and Skills

Emily has worked with clients across the USA and internationally. One of her most proud achievements is the co-facilitation of the National Nutrition Conclave in India. During this conference, significant change was made toward establishing collaboration and coordination between agencies across India that are responsible for relieving hunger and developing healthy nutrition within the country. She has also worked in Johannesburg, South Africa, assisting with Appreciative Inquiry education to business and government leaders and organizational consultants.

Among Emily’s strengths is her rare combination of strong business acumen, highly attuned interpersonal skills and organizational transformation expertise. Emily brings over 16 years of organization development, leadership development, change management and organizational effectiveness to her consulting work. She also brings experience in the areas of marketing, human resources management and finance .

Her internal corporate experience spanned several industries. She worked in large corporate as well as entrepreneurial environments. During her internal corporate career, Emily served as Advisor to numerous executive teams providing guidance in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning, business strategy implementation, leadership development, diversity management and other human resources strategies in order to achieve desired business goals. She has worked for several Fortune 500 corporations including Nortel Networks, Sara Lee and Georgia-Pacific Corporation. She also worked for a start-up technology company.

In 1996, Emily founded E. A. Page Consulting LLC, a consulting and coaching firm specializing in organizational transformation, leadership development and training. The firm was initially a part-time venture. In 2001, Emily transitioned to a full-time consulting career. Since that beginning, she has worked with clients from a variety of sectors including corporate, healthcare, non-profit, government and education. Emily's client list includes IntraHealth International, GlaxoSmithkline, Hardee's Food Systems, Duke University, Duke University Medical Center, the City of Durham, NC, Sierra Nevada Construction, Roof Consultants Institute, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Durham, NC Board of Education and Microsoft Corporation.

Emily is a seasoned facilitator of small and large groups as well as whole-systems change efforts. The principles and methodologies of the Genuine Contact Program™ provide the foundation for most of her work including Whole Person Process Facilitation, Achieving Organizational Health and Balance, Open Space Technology and creating Conscious Open Space Organizations. She builds upon these foundations by employing a diversity of processes and tools to guide her clients. For each client, she designs processes that match their specific state of readiness and are targeted for their specific goals.

Emily was elected to serve on the Leadership/Management Team of the Genuine Contact™ Co-owner’s Group, an international collaborative of trainers, consultants and organizational leaders. In this capacity, she experiences the same real-life challenges that her leadership clients face in growing an organization. Emily also serves on a number of boards within her community. She volunteers with several community organizations as well.

Emily's Approach to Working with Clients

Emily facilitates her clients in the discovery of their collective wisdom, the recognition of the best of who they are and the declaration of what they uniquely have to offer. Knowing these essential parts of their core enables her clients to spark their creative spirit in the quest for their goals. In addition to embracing their intellectual knowledge, Emily leads her clients to the discovery of their wisdom and intuitive knowledge of what they need to do in order to solve their problems, seize opportunities and reach their desired goals. She helps her clients rediscover what they “Know” but may have forgotten or learned to distrust. In 2006, she renamed her consulting firm to creative Knowing consultancy to better reflect the unique nature of the services it offers

As a coach, Emily works with individuals who are committed to personal growth and leadership. Emily has coached hundreds of executives, directors and managers as they developed the leadership skills required to guide their organizations to their desired goals. She helps leaders recognize how their behaviors impact their organizations and she helps them to lead with courage and authenticity. She has also coached numerous individuals seeking to make significant life changes. Her clients comment on her authenticity, her ability to be neutral and create a safe space for learning and the way she encourages people to stand up for themselves and experience joy. Her clients learn greater self-awareness, how they impact others, how to express their unique contributions in the world and how to create passion, enthusiasm, empowerment and fun in everything they do. Her clients also learn how to lead others to do the same.

Emily has learned the most about helping her clients successfully work through change as a result of her own life transformations. She has successfully transitioned through several career changes. Moreover, she has transformed internally from a person operating from self-doubt and fear to become the risk-taking, faith-full, possibility-believer she is today. Her personal transformation experiences strengthen her effectiveness in engaging and supporting individuals, teams and organizations that are working to create sustainable change.

Interests, Hobbies, Passions and Dreams

Ever since her early childhood, Emily has enjoyed gourmet cooking and baking and exploring the culinary arts. She is an avid fan of the theater, movies and any other forms of storytelling. She is also fascinated by history and how it connects to current times. Emily designs and crafts one-of-a-kind jewelry, using real metals and semi-precious stones. She is a passionate collector of vintage jewelry as well. She loves all forms of dancing and incorporates various forms of it into her weekly recreational and fitness routines. She also enjoys recreational biking.

Emily loves to travel across the USA and internationally. One of her most exciting trips so far was to South Africa where she spent a month helping businesses learn about Appreciative Inquiry and seeing Johannesburg and Capetown. She also went on a week-long safari which she considers to be one of the most profound experiences of her life. She also treasures her opportunity to travel in India and do work there for an important cause.

Emily is passionate about her values of personal empowerment, leadership and living from one’s unique Spirit. She is a continuous learner and is committed to her own intellectual and spiritual growth and development. Through her work, Emily is deeply moved when she helps others to re-discover their own unique voice, their leadership, their gifts and their immeasurable personal power. One of Emily’s dreams is to travel extensively around the world. She also dreams of one day returning to South Africa to live and to facilitate learning about leadership and personal empowerment for girls and young women there.

Expressions of Gratitude from Emily

I want to express deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone that has contributed to my success and to the success of my firm over the years. I thank my clients – past, present and future – for your trust in me and for the privilege to offer my gifts in service to you. I also want to thank all of my supporters. Whether you have offered referrals, cheered me on, sent out positive wishes for my success – however you have supported me, I want to say thank you very much. The support of others has meant so much to me.

I appreciate the inspiration and support of the communities that help me to learn and grow. I want to especially thank the community of Genuine Contact Professionals which keeps me inspired and teaches me so much with ever encounter. You are magnificent and I am blessed to be a part of an international learning community that is committed to such important work. You are all my mentors and working with you and being connected to you is my honor each day. I also want to thank the Appreciative Inquiry community for all the support and learning I have experienced with you.

Thank you to all of my mentors throughout my life and to everyone who believes in me. Your faith in me and your investment in my success are so deeply appreciated. I thank the Universe for the abundance of blessings that greet me each day. Finally, thank you to my family, friends, colleagues, collaborators and everyone who loves me. I feel the blessing of your presence in my life each day and I am very grateful that you are here.

Peace & Plenty,


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