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Our Core Beliefs, Values, and Approach

At creative Knowing consultancy, we believe that optimal health and balance is a cornerstone for effective living for organizations and individuals. We view optimal health and balance as a state of being that encompasses emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical fitness and care. We consider organizations to be living, organic beings comprised of precious individuals that are seeking to contribute their personal skills, gifts and talents toward a meaningful, collective goal. We are committed to supporting organizations and the individuals that work within them as they create that meaning through the work they do individually and as a collective.

We help our clients nurture health and balance in their way of working order to inspire creativity and energize productivity for achieving what they desire. We know that every organization and individual holds wisdom and a “knowing” of what makes them whole, complete, alive and inspired to greatness.

We know that it takes will and tremendous courage to endeavor on the path of genuine change. We work with you to reveal your courage, discover your own unique path to the future you want and to realize your greatest potential – often beyond what you could have imagined.

We don't determine solutions for our clients; rather, we guide our clients to the discovery of their own solutions. Solutions created from within take into account the unique needs and aspects of an organizational culture and are therefore sustainable unlike solutions that designed from the outside.


We value a holistic approach to organizational and individual transformation. As such, we employ the Genuine Contact™ Program frameworks, philosophies and methodologies in much of our work.

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